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Details Steel Structures: Proceedings of the Sessions Related to Steel Structures at Structures Congress '89 Sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engi: ... by the American Society of Civil Engineers

The seventy-eight papers included in this volume cover the fifteen sessions generally associated with steel structures presented at the Seventh Annual Structures Congress held on May 1-5, 1989 in San Francisco, California. One session covered ...

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Details Data Structure Using C/C++: An Easy Approach to Data Structure

Data Structure Using C/C++ The book has been written after five years research about a query "Why computer sciences students are bad in programming," in the presence of so many books of Data Structure Using CC++.Authors of the book have hand on ...

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Details Structures and Interactions of Ionic Liquids (Structure and Bonding)

Structures, Bonding and Hydrogen Bonds, by Kun Dong, Qian Wang, Xingmei Lu, Suojiang Zhang Aggregation in System of Ionic Liquids, by Jianji Wang, Huiyong Wang Dissolution of Biomass Using Ionic Liquids, by Hui Wang, Gabriela Gurau, Robin D. Rogers ...